Summer Blogging Project

As the end of the school year nears, I am beginning to reflect on the past nine months. It has been full of accomplishments, nuances, and challenges. I have grown as a person and educator in multiple ways.

Recently, WordPress informed me of my one-year anniversary on the platform. In this space, I have enjoyed writing and publishing posts, pages, resources, and reflections regarding my work as an educator.

There is a YouTuber I enjoy watching named Zach Levet. Zach is a student at William and Mary where he also runs cross country and track. I look forward to watching each of Zach’s catchy and informative videos. Recently, he uploaded a video about his summer “internship“. That inspired me to think about what I want to accomplish this summer.

This blog post is kicking off my Summer Blogging Project, a passion project of sorts. I hope to wrap up a few loose ends, write more, and continue to grow through writing and reflection.

What is your summer passion project? Are you focusing on writing, like me, YouTube, like Zach, or something else that you are motivated by?

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