Classroom Library

The Classroom Library was created to provide students access to a wide range of books right at their fingertips in the classroom. Check out a list of titles that can be found in the Classroom Library via Goodreads.

Research states that students read 50-60% more in classrooms with adequate classroom libraries (Catapano, 2009; Morrow, 2003; Kim, 2003; Neuman, 1999). *

Between 2015 and 2018, the Classroom Library grew from 200 books to 2,000 books.

There are a few titles students have requested or recommended that I add to the Classroom Library. If you are able to donate, here is the Classroom Library Amazon Wishlist.

Many thanks to those who donated books to in order to provide students with access to books, including the following:

Donor List

* Thank you for Donalyn Miller and Colby Sharp for their research findings, work, and support for Classroom Libraries in classrooms.

During the summer of 2018, I decided to donate portions of my classroom library to interested individuals, including former students and new English teachers entering the profession. Check out the stacks of donated books below:

New Teacher – Taylor FasseelLake Fenton High School


Class of 2019 student with an interest in romance novels and books for a younger sibling


Class of 2019 student who thought “any WWII books or war books would be legit.”


New Teacher – Natalie ParentiEdward Coles Language Academy


Class of 2019 student “saw a need” for a Little Free Library at Webberville Middle & High School

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