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Welcome to the portfolio of my Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum (MATC) at Michigan State University! This portion of my website highlights the MATC program standards and goals, coursework I have taken to achieve this degree, artifacts that align with the standards and goals, my CV (as of April 2019), and a synthesis paper to recap my educational journey throughout the program.

As noted in the About section of this website, I am a 2014 alumnus of Michigan State University for my undergraduate degrees, and I have been working on my master degree for the past two years. I have been focused on how I can continue to be the best teacher possible using best practices that are both equitable and effective. I am also interested in the inner workings of curriculum development to reach all students. Ultimately, I wish to stay in the classroom and join the academic conversations happening in education both online and in person at conferences and conventions.

When I began the MATC program, I was grinding through my third year in my teaching career at Webberville Middle and High School in Webberville, MI. Webberville is a small, rural community located on the far east side of Ingham County. The student population is 99% white and has a large amount of students receiving free or reduced lunch. During my three years there, the teacher turnover rate was extremely high and the teacher morale was low. Both of these interfered in the continuity between school- and district-wide initiatives, student trust in their teachers, and an engaged community of educators.

I began my fourth year of teaching at Okemos High School in Okemos, MI. Okemos is located directly next to Michigan State University in the middle of Ingham County. According to U.S. News and World Report’s Best High Schools, Okemos High School’s student population is extremely diverse with 64% white, 19% Asian, 8% black, 5% Hispanic, 4% of two of more races, and a small percentage of Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander and American Indian students. The number of students receiving free or reduced lunch fluctuates between 17-18%. Over 80% of the faculty have masters degrees and stay in the district for years.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding my work for the MATC program.

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