“Teacher Voice”

The following resource page accompanies the blog post titled “Finding Your Teacher Voice” and is a final project for one of my graduate classes at Michigan State University – TE872 – Teachers as Teacher Leaders.

The project encouraged the address of a problem or issue in education, reasons why it should be changed, modified, or widely known or available to teachers, have recommendations, and be supported with references and resources.

Being a Leader Is Easy

Derek Sivers | TED 2010 | How to start a movement

Find Your Purpose

Boniface Mwangi | TED Global 2014 | The day I stood up alone

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | TED Global 2009 | The danger of a single story

Mentors Are Leaders

Every Teacher Needs a Mentor (Edutopia Post)

Servant Leadership

The Energy Bus – Jon Gordon (2007)

Daily Leadership

Drew Dudley | Everyday Leadership

“Teacher Voices” In Action

“Political Activist / Public Servant” Presentation by Sharon Murchie

Clint Smith | The Danger of Silence

Taylor Mali | What Teachers Make

Anna Baldwin | Finding My Teacher Voice

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