Summer Reading Bingo (2019)

It’s the first full day of summer break for me!

One of the goals of my Summer Blogging Project is to share more this summer, especially the books I’m reading.

Throughout the school year, I have students read a ton of different texts. In order to for them to read, comprehend, and analyze all of the texts, I designate Reading Days, which allow them to spend time reading during a class period. These Reading Days become a sacred time that students covet and request often.

I need to plan more “Reading Days” for myself this summer to accomplish my To Be Read (TBR) list.

In order to hold myself accountable and have fun, I created a Summer Reading Bingo board based on the books that I want to read this summer.

** The D-Day square should be June 6, 1944.

Any suggestions on the square I should tackle first?

What are your reading goals this summer?

Happy Reading!

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