Book Bracket 2019 – The Reveal

Today was the big reveal for which books made it in to Book Bracket 2019 with my students, so I would like to share it with you, too!

The following books made the 32 book bracket and will compete head-to-head to see who will take the crown. The number next to the book title is the seed within that region.

High School Favorites Region

  1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  2. The Hunger Games
  3. The Hate U Give
  4. The Fault in Our Stars
  5. The Kite Runner
  6. Ready Player One
  7. Everything, Everything
  8. Divergent
Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 10.39.12 PM

Nonfiction Region

  1. The Oxford English Dictionary
  2. Born a Crime: Stories From a South African Childhood
  3. James Harden: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Premier Shooting Guards
  4. A People’s History of the United States
  5. The Sun Does Shine: How I Found Life and Freedom on Death Row
  6. Tuesdays with Morrie
  7. John Glenn: A Memoir
  8. Seriously…I’m Kidding
Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 10.38.40 PM

Elementary & Middle School Favorites Region

  1. The Cat in the Hat
  2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  3. Green Eggs and Ham
  4. The Lightning Thief
  5. The Giver
  6. Eragon
  7. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  8. Holes
Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 10.39.03 PM

Classics Region

  1. The Odyssey
  2. Of Mice and Men
  3. To Kill a Mockingbird
  4. A Study in Scarlet
  5. Around the World in 80 Days
  6. Brave New World
  7. The War of the Worlds
  8. The Catcher in the Rye
Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 10.38.48 PM

Which book is going to win Book Bracket 2019? Stay tuned!

Each year has brought nuances and updates, but through and through the process and the creation of Book Bracket has remained consistent. This year, I will be providing an insider’s look into Book Bracket, including:

If there are any elements you are interested in that I have not listed or covered, let me know and I will throw one together.

Happy Reading!

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