Book Bracket – An Overview

March is here, which means two of my favorite celebrations are happening – March is Reading Month and March Madness.

Both of these are celebrated in my classroom which a student-driven activity that is entering it’s fifth year – Book Bracket.

Book Bracket 2017

Book Bracket is a March Madness style single elimination bracket made up of books going head to head in order to crown a champion.

I started this tradition during my teaching internship and students loved it. I continued it into my first job in a small rural middle and high school building and by its third year had become a building wide event. Now in a new building and community, it is back to its roots as a classroom activity.

Regardless of its size and reach, students engage in conversations about books in a meaningful way. They attempt to influence votes with claims, reasoning, warrants; think about books all month long; and work as a community to crown a champion.

Each year has brought nuances and updates, but through and through the process and the creation of Book Bracket has remained consistent. Over the next month, I will be providing an insider’s look into Book Bracket, including:

If there are any elements you are interested in that I have not listed or covered, let me know and I will throw one together.

Happy Reading!

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