#25inFive – August 2018

During the month of July, I attempted to follow my own advice and read for a suggested twenty minutes a day. I encourage my students to read for that amount of time each day to make consistent progress on their Independent Reading unit – Reading Bingo.

(Nagy and Herman, 1987)

This graphic finds itself in every one of my course syllabi and is reviewed throughout the school year to encourage students to always be reading.

I did not read every single day, but I enjoyed setting aside at least twenty minutes a day to read.

When I found #25infive on #bookstagram, I figured this could be redemption for July!


Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 10.12.00 AM
Check out @25infive on Instagram!

I thought it was an added bonus that the #25infive Readathon happened to begin on National Book Lovers Day! #Bookstagram was loaded with tons of stacks, books, and people advocating for the joy and benefits of reading in on place. It was awesome!

Here are my stats for #25infive – August 2018:

Thursday, August 9 – 1 hour

Friday, August 10 – 1 hour

Saturday, August 11 – 40 minutes

Sunday, August 12 – 1 hour

Monday, August 13 – 1 hour and 20 minutes

  • Continued reading The Big Sleep

Total – 5 hours / 25 hours


Looking forward to making more progress on the next Readathon!

Happy Reading!

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