The Unread Shelf Project 2018

While scrolling through Instagram at the end of the 2017, I stumbled upon several users posting about their plans to tackle the Unread Shelf Project in 2018. Being one to have a large amount of books that are unread, I was intrigued and motivated to tackle it.

After counting up and sorting through all of my books, I found that I had right around 400 unread books. This number has grown throughout the year as a few more books have trickled in from Book of the Month, Barnes and Noble, and books snagged from my classroom library to read based on student recommendations.the-unread-shelf-project-2018

My reading goal for 2018 is to read 52 books and my progress can be monitored on my reading list. Ultimately I am looking to lower the number of unread books by the end of 2018 by reading them or donating them to others.

What is your reading goal for 2018? Have you been making adequate progress?

Happy Reading!

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