Announcement – Blog Merge!

I am planning on merging blog posts from my Weebly site to this new site, so I have decided to merge the two blogs that I created – The Avalanche of Books and EduCollecTIONs – into one blog page.

  • The Avalanche of Books – As an avid reader, I am constantly hearing about books. I feel like I am being chased by a giant, rolling avalanche of titles and authors. This blog space provided reviews of the books I read.
  • EduCollecTIONs – As a lifelong learner, I have a collection of “-tions” involved in my studies and practice as an educator. “-Tion” is a suffix used to form an abstract noun from a verb. All definitions used in these posts were from The space allowed me to post under a theme and have titles that included “-tion.”

Moving forward, blog posts in this space will consist of book reviews and reflections on practices, assessments, projects, etc. in my professional life as an educator.

I’m also new to the WordPress platform! Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!