Side Hustle Snapshot: Will GOOSEBUMPS Books Make a Comeback?!

Friday the 13th is almost here, which means the new Goosebumps show will be released onDisney+!

I can hear the R. L. Stine catchphrase with a TV show twist: “Viewer beware! You’re in for a scare!”

Earlier this year, I shared in my review of Monster Blood (Goosebumps #3) that I am a part-time reseller and had success with at least one Goosebumps book flip from a garage sale to eBay. Since that sale, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for more Goosebumps books to flip.

Last month, I picked up this 65 book lot. I’m hoping that after watching the new Disney+ show people will want to begin, replenish, and/or restart their Goosebumps collection.

I’ve started to list a few of the books each day and have sold two to date. Hopefully, more will begin flying off the shelves with it being Spooky Season and the new Goosebumps TV show.

What do you think? Is this gamble going to cash in or will I be holding on to these books longer than I think?

Side Note: I’m tinkering with Substack and thinking about launching a Side Hustle Snapshot blog there to document my side hustle journey, along with tips, tricks, and opinions on topics. Stay tuned!

November 2023 Update: I’ve launched the Side Hustle Snapshot blog on Substack! Check out the announcement post here and consider subscribing there.

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