Back to School 2023 – Time to Find Your “Stuff”

August has arrived and so has the long, drawn out Sunday Scaries feeling that Back to School can bring.

Back to School has been seeping into my daily life since the 4th of July via circulating memes and TikToks, the “Back to School” section at the grocery store, and friends and family asking, “When do you go back?”

If you’re a teacher like me who truly took a break from school, this is your reminder to start finding all of your teacher “stuff”.

Yesterday, I went to school to administer test out assessments for our English department. I budgeted a lot of time to get to school, make sure my classroom was in order, secure the exams, and be ready for the students.

Once I got on the highway to start my commute, I realized I had forgotten my staff ID that not only serves as identification, but also is a key card to access the school. I got off at the next exit and made my way home to get it. When I got home to get the ID, I made sure to locate my parking pass, too.

Once I got to school, I went to the usual place I put my laptop on school breaks. To my surprise, it was not there. 🤔 What ensued was a frantic rip apart of the area yet I did not find it. I did have writing portfolios to assess while students were testing, but that only took an hour. The work I had planned on doing (revising each course’s one-page syllabus, updating the Article of the Week webpage, cleaning out my school email, etc.) was not completed.

TL;DR – don’t be that person who cannot contribute to a meeting or make progress on the shared document because you can’t find your device.

When I returned home I located a handful of other school-related items, such as my lunchbox, phone charger, and journal. I was also able to find my laptop and charger. Whew!

Am I forgetting items? Probably, but that’s what we need to use this chunk of time for leading up to the first day that we go back … if you haven’t already.

I hope you have a great school year! Keep your eyes peeled for more Back to School posts from me as I get ready too!

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