Pausing Poem of the Day to Check In

April is National Poetry Month! This is the first year I’m celebrating National Poetry Month in my classroom. Each day I’m sharing the poems my students and I read, along with prompts and resources.

After a long week with a constant cough, I decided to stay home from school today to rest.

I found it to be the perfect opportunity to check in with my students about Poem of the Day. I did so by reverted back to our usual routine with Question of the Day, which is a Google Form link on our Quarter 4 Agenda doc.

Out of 101 students, 92 responded. Here are the questions and results for the Question of the Day:

Which poem did you prefer this week? Explain your choice in a few sentences.

I’ve found a few performances of people reading poems. Which scenario would you prefer?

  • 29.3% – Watch the poem performed together THEN reflect individually THEN discuss together
  • 30.5% – I prefer reading poems on my own to annotate and reflect THEN discuss together.
  • 40.2% – I don’t have a preference.

Google Forms have been the best way to implement check in questions with my students about how they are feeling personally or about content. Having them write out complete thoughts adds a touch of personality and qualitative data to understand their opinions.

Looking forward to watching a few of the poems next week to continue our National Poetry Month celebration!

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