Introducing “Poem of the Day” to My Students for National Poetry Month (2023)

April is National Poetry Month.

Poetry was never a favorite subject of mine to study. When I became a teacher, I discovered new resources and approaches to bringing poetry into the classroom. In my first teaching job, I taught “Where I’m From” poems to 10th graders. In my current teaching job, poetry has not been taught.

And, I’ve never celebrated National Poetry Month during the month of April in the classroom. This year I want to share out my processes and resources with others. I plan on posting the poem my students and I read to begin the day together, along with prompts and resources for each poem.

Today was the first day back from Spring Break and the first day of the final quarter! After completing two of our usual routines on a Monday, Question of the Day and Reading Roll Call, I asked my students to reflect on two prompts:

  • What comes to mind when you think of poetry? Why?
  • During April, we will begin class with a Poem of the Day instead of a Question of the Day. You will read the poem individually and then share your thoughts in a Google Doc. There may be further discussion as a class depending on the day. What are your thoughts on this change? Why?

Students reflected in an individual Google Doc assigned to them on Google Classroom. I was looking for at least a paragraph response for each prompt.

Reflection responses have been varied so far. A lot of imagery regarding old, dead, white men and poetry being complicated are what is coming to students’ minds.

I have to admit that’s what comes to my mind too. I’m hoping that through Poem of the Day I can change the perception of poetry for myself and my students.

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