EP Review – From the Fires

Following my revelation of changing things up in 2018, I want to provide reviews of what new-to-me music and podcasts I am listening to in 2019. Doing reviews of music and podcasts is new for me, but it showcases my appreciate of pop culture, a growing passion of mine. Thanks for reading!

After hearing about Greta Van Fleet’s three sold out shows in Detroit during the last weekend of 2018, I had to see what this Frankenmuth-based rock band was all about.

I have been listening to From the Fires, this past week. The EP is Greta Van Fleet’s second and has four songs from their first EP, Black Smoke Rising, and four new tracks.

Voices of 165 – Student Reflections on the Future of the Super Bowl

Voices of 165 was a collection of insightful first draft student work submitted for publication with each student’s permission. It’s purpose was to amplify the student’s voice at my first teaching job in a small, rural district in mid-Michigan. Enjoy! Small, rural high schools have been noticing a decline in football participation numbers in recent…